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SnackNUTRIN Snack Immunity

Feed for rabbits, guinea-pigs and chinchillas with Echinacea, beta-glucan, prebiotics and extra vitamins
product number 1200
Balení 100g /

Supplementary food for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus, enriched with components supporting the immune system, serving primarily a prevention against bacterial and viral infections. Echinacea, a source of natural substances with antibiotic effects, increases the activity and number of defence cells and stimulates cells to strengthen immune mechanisms.
The resulting effect is supported by the addition of beta-glucan, which stimulates the defensive cells to higher activity and the body is thus much better able to resist infections during more demanding periods. In order for everything to work properly, the food contains a large amount of prebiotics, various types of fibre to support the intestinal microflora and proper intestinal function.


Cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin (FOS - chicory inulin 4 g/kg, Echinacea extract 3 g/kg, beta-glucan 300 mg/kg), yeast, minerals, oils and fats.

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 14 %, crude fibre 13 %, crude oils and fats 3 %, inorganic substances 7 %. Feed additives/kg: Vitamins: Vit A (3a672a) 30 000 IU, vit D3 (3a671) 2 700 IU, vit E (3a700) 200 mg, choline chloride 200 mg, vit C (3a300) 100 mg, niacinamide 36 mg, vit B5 28 mg, vit B2 16 mg, vit B1 12 mg, vit B6 8 mg, vit K3 0.67 mg, biotin 0.22 mg, vit B12 0.03 mg. Amino acids: L-lysine (3.2.3.) 5 g, DL-methionine (3c301) 2 g; Antioxidants: rosemary extract and natural tocopherols.

Feeding instructions

Complementary feed. Feed according to need. Recommended daily intake 10 - 20% total food intake. Ensure unlimited access to fresh water and hay. Remove any remaining feed.

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