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AquariumNUTRIN Aquarium Tortoise Sticks

Complete feed for tortoises.
product number 1381
Balení 50g /

  • complete extruded feed for tortoises
  • respects their specific nutritional requirements
  • small pellets enriched with chorella, spirulina, brown algae, yucca, herbs and beta-carotene
  • highly attractive feed which keeps its shape once wet
  • supports vigour, and healthy body and shell development
  • significantly higher digestibility due to technology used
  • lower feed consumption, lower excrement production
  • no animal ingredients

    This feed is composed so the ingredients correspond as best as possible to their natural food. The wide spectrum of plant ingredients such asgrass, alfalfa, chlorella, spirulina, brown algae and yucca is complemented by a multi-herbal complex. Nettle, birch, fleawort, mint, horsetail, coltsfoot, dandelion, hops and blackberry give the feed taste and aroma, have excellent dietetic properties and the high level of biologically active substances is added to with extrabeta-carotene, and this all gives the effect of helping to boost overall health and wellbeing of the animal.


Derivatives of vegetable origin (herbs 23 %, Yucca schidigera 0.2 %), cereals, minerals, algae (brown algae 1 %, spirulina 0.5 %).

Analytical constituents: Crude protein 11 %, crude fibre 14 %, crude oils and fats 3 %, inorganic substances 8 %.

Feed additives/kg: Vitamins: Vit A 7 000 (3a672a) IU, vit D3 (3a671) 500 IU, vit C (3a300) 100 mg, vit E (3a700) 90 mg, vit B5 31 mg, vit B2 16 mg, vit B6 16 mg, vit B1 10 mg, Biotin 0.27 mg, vit B12 0.08 mg. Trace elements: Zn (3b603) 100 mg. Amino acids: L-lysine (3.2.3.) 5 g, DL-methionine (3c301) 2 g. Colourants: Beta-carotene (3a160(a)) 5 mg; Antioxidants.

Feeding instructions

Feed the amount of feed it takes the tortoises a couple of minutes to consume a few times daily.

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