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Aquarium fish

AquariumNUTRIN Aquarium Catfish Lentils

Complete feed for omnivorous bottom-feeding fish.
Balení 110g /

  • complete extruded feed for all bottom feeding omnivorous fish
  • quickly falling discs enriched with spirulina, prawn and beta-carotene
  • balanced ratio of animal and plant ingredients
  • gradual and natural feed intake as a result of gradual swelling
  • significantly higher digestibility due to technology used
  • lower feed consumption, lower excrement production
  • reduced amount of metabolites have a positive impact on water quality in your aquarium

    To improve the overall condition of the organism, the feed includes the algae spirulina, a very rich source of nutrients and biologically active substances which support the metabolism of the body, cleansing it and having a positive impact on the immune system, which is also stimulated by the added beta-carotene which also supports better fish colour. The wide variety of ingredients and nutrients and attractiveness of the feed is further improved with the use of prawn and yeast.


Fish and fish derivatives, cereals, protein extracts of vegetable origin, yeast, algae (spirulina 3 %), minerals, molluscous and crustaceans (shrimps, gammarus 1 %), oils and fats.
Analytical constituents: Crude protein 40 %, crude oils and fats 6 %, crude fibre 2 %, inorganic substances 11 %.
Feed additives/kg: Vitamins: Vit A (3a672a) 30 000 IU, vit D3 (3a671) 1 500 IU, vit C (3a300) 100 mg, vit E (3a700) 150 mg. Trace elements: Zn (3b603) 100 mg. Amino acids: L-lysine (3.2.3.) 20 g. Colourants: Beta-carotene (3a160(a)) 100 mg.

Feeding instructions

Feed the amount of feed it takes the fish a couple of minutes to consume a few times daily.

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