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Aquarium fish

AquariumNUTRIN Aquarium Complete Pellets

Complete feed for all types of aquarium fish
product number 1375
Balení 110g /

  • complete extruded feed for all species of aquarium fish
  • slow falling pellets of 1 mm diameter, enriched withprawn, lecithin and beta-carotene
  • significantly higher digestibility due to technology used
  • lower feed consumption, lower excrement production
  • reduced amount of metabolites have a positive impact on water quality in your aquarium

    Lecithin is included in this unique recipe, a substance essential for the correct working of all cells in the organism. Involved in cell multiplication, it supports overall metabolism. Together with added beta-carotene, this improves immunity and reduces the impact of external factors on the organism. Beta-carotene also promotes improved fish colour, with bolder transitions between colours. The animal part of the feed is enriched with prawns, not just for their attractive aroma, but especially as a high quality source of protein and minerals.


Fish and fish derivatives, cereals, protein extracts of vegetable origin, yeast, oils and fats, molluscous and crustaceans (shrimps, gammarus 1 %).
Analytical constituents: Crude protein 37 %, crude oils and fats 8 %, crude fibre 3 %, inorganic substances 7 %.
Feed additives/kg: Vitamins: Vit A (3a672a) 30 000 IU, vit D3 (3a671) 1 500 IU, vit E (3a700) 150 mg, vit C (3a300) 100 mg, vit B5 31 mg, vit B2 16 mg, vit B6 12 mg, vit B1 5 mg, vit B12 0.08 mg. Trace elements: Zn (3b603) 100 mg. Emulsifiers: Lecithin (E 322) 20 g. Colourants: Beta-carotene (3a160(a)) 100 mg; Antioxidants.

Feeding instructions

Feed the amount of feed it takes the fish a couple of minutes to consume a few times daily.

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